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I made this animation for a five second High Five Slack Project me and my friends did. I made every thing in the video except for the falling robot, witch was made by itzi3andit1 as the pass off object :).


The horses, and the robots where fully rigged, and I even made an Expresso rig so the rains of the horses followed the hands of the robots.


I also did a cloth simulation for the flags and the finish line banner to create the look of wind.

I made this video for the WinC4D contest as an entry.

It was made entirely in cinema 4D Light and After Effects over the time span of two months.


This was my first real project, which proved to be a challenge, especially since Cinema 4D "Light" did not support rigging.

This meant that I had to parent each piece of the robots together and rotate each of them off of each other like Forward Kinematics

Though I did not win, it was worth the effort from the experience alone.

I made this video for the Guild I'm in (Get of Fenris) on Guild Wars 2.


My main goal with this piece was to see if I could make a full complete commercial video.

With a intro, quick to the point, and entertaining, with a strong definite ending.


I feel as though i reached this goal, and consider this my best work...So far :)


If your interested in joining the Guild Get of Fenris, click on one of the Wolf heads next-to the video :)

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